Ryn proudly shows off her copy.

Ryn proudly shows off her copy.

In Latin, “trivium” is defined as a crossroads or an intersection. This year’s literary magazine, written, compiled, and published by Indian Creek Upper School students, is an intersection of poetry, fiction, essays, and art.

Keira Henderson’s (’11) “Something’s Missing”, a short personal account, is the first piece and sets a somber tone for the magazine. Hers is the story of a little girl suffering from feelings of abandonment wrought by a neglectful father. Keira’s story is accompanied by an image of a clay sculpture, Snakebear in Blue, by Sarah Zuech (’14), who created a hard blue face that compliments the tone of Keira’s story well.

Sam Ruff’s (’13) “Ripples” is a free verse poem that begs for a change in a world of violence. Maria McGurrin’s (’11) clay Angel, soft yellow and white against a black background, accompanies Sam’s poem.

Liza Slutskaya’s (’12) poem, “Sam’s Smell,” brightens the mood of the magazine with its up-beat rhythm and whimsical topic about a boy who smells so bad that he repels his own blankets. Images of two paintings and one mixed media work, also by Liza, follow “Sam’s Smell.”

Linnea Miller (’12) demonstrates her talent for description in “Climbs and Falls,” her short story about an arduous trek up a mountainous sand dune and the reward that awaited her at the end of her journey.

Trevor Jameson (’11) channels Dr. Seuss in his poem “Slumped,” a call to action which seems to directed specifically at graduating high school students who need a little pick-me-up.

Katy Gilles (’11) addresses a 21st century fear in her essay “Why the Artificial-Intelligence Driven Apocalypse is Definitely Going to Happen.” Her view of robotic technology and its eventual outcomes is full of wit and sarcasm incorporates plenty of pop-culture references.

These are just a small sampling of the wonderful works that you will find in Trivium, available in the David G. Richardson Library and scattered throughout Indian Creek Upper School. Pick up your copy today!

Trivium was edited by Linnea Miller (’12), Caroline Grindrod (’13), Nikole Rocha (’12), Daniel Schelb (’11), and Ryn Seidewitz (’13). Mr. Chip Voros acted as Faculty Advisor.

Originally posted on Feb. 8, 2012 on http://www.indiancreekschool.org.