I’m very excited to announce that a new section debuted in the library today: the Foreign Language section! In this section, you will find books in Spanish and French, as well as dual-language books in Spanish/English and French/English. (You can still find your favorite foreign language movies in the video section of the library, and any foreign language graphic novels will remain in the graphic novel section.)


That you will find in the Foreign Language section: fiction, nonfiction, young adult novels, poetry, and even some children’s literature! Instead of purchasing popular American novels that have been translated into French and Spanish, you will find works by French-speaking and Spanish-speaking writers. We feel that this will help you develop a better understanding of world literature, in all its diverse glory. If you’d like to read more world literature, visit the 800s section of the library!

The Foreign Language section is still small, but we want to make it bigger! If you have any suggestions or requests for new titles in Spanish, French, or any other world languages, for that matter, please tell your friendly ICS librarian!

Happy reading! ¡Feliz lectura! Bonne lecture!