‘Tis the season to make resolutions to make your life better; why not start with a reading resolution? Personally, I am going to try the Read Harder Challenge from BookRiot (find it here), but if you want something a little more chill, try the following:

  1. Read a book written by a woman of color.
  2. Read a young adult romance novel.
  3. Read a nonfiction book about science.
  4. Read a biography of a pop icon.
  5. Read an historical fiction set in pre-1900s America.
  6. Read a work of classical literature.
  7. Read a graphic novel.
  8. Read a book that inspired a movie.
  9. Read something that your friend wrote.
  10. Read an ebook.
  11. Read a young adult horror novel.
  12. Read your own diary or journal.

That’s one book per month! You can do it! If you need suggestions, see your friendly neighborhood librarian for suggestions and recommendations.