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jstor_logo_large_0Part of a library’s mission is to provide its patrons with reliable sources of information. These sources come in the form of books, internet, films, periodicals, databases, and many more items that patrons can check out or use in-house. Now, the David G. Richardson Library is adding another reliable resource for the Indian Creek community.

JSTOR is a database housing archival and current peer reviewed scholarly journals, primary sources, and books on a myriad of subjects. According to their site, JSTOR “helps students develop research skills, critical thinking, and information literacy. JSTOR provides students with exposure to peer reviewed scholarly research and prepares them for their future studies, enables teachers to incorporate important scholarly literature into their classes, and provides librarians with a reference resource of over 1,500 academic journals and other content.” If you’d like to browse JSTOR’s shelves or search for specific information on the site, visit (for access from the ICS campus), or see a librarian to learn how to set up an account that you can access off-campus. If you need help navigating the site, watch a few video tutorials here: Happy searching!

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